Pranic Healing Disclaimer

Pranic Healing is system of energy healing that is complementary to traditional medicine and is not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis or treatment of a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare professional.

Leia’s work as a Pranic Healer is based on applying techniques that are painless and strictly non-invasive and non-contact. These techniques help to restore and balance the body’s life energy, with the purpose of facilitating the body’s self-healing capacity, promoting better health and well-being at a faster speed.

As a Pranic Healer, Leia does not provide medical advice, prescribe medical treatment or prescription, or guarantee any results or outcomes. It is always recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any health decision.

Leia follows the Code of Ethics for All Pranic Healing Practitioners.

Without Awareness, There Is No Inner Transformation.

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