Pranic Healing Meditation Classes

Meditation Group – Session Program

The Pranic Healing Meditation Group usually follows the program below:

  1. A quick introduction to Pranic Healing and its Founder followed by simple physical exercises.
  2. A short talk on one of many spiritual topics taught in Pranic Healing. Each session will have a different focus and/or introduction of self-healing tools and techniques to be used in our day-to-day life leading to more self-awareness, inner peace and self-transformation.
  3. Practise meditation (usually Twin Hearts Meditation)
  4. Final simple physical exercises to release excess energy and any questions, comments or suggestions.

Fee is by donation. No prior booking required. You’re welcome to just show up and bring friends and family.

Take this beautiful opportunity to learn to practise this kind of meditation and experience its healing power.

Disclaimer. The following people are advised not to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts: 1) Anyone who is less than 18 years of age 2) Anyone who has heart problems, hypertension, glaucoma, severe kidney ailments or pregnant women with history of miscarriage

Meditation Group – Classes and Schedules

Twin Hearts Meditation in Portuguese (Meditação dos Corações gêmeos)
Venha aprender a praticar essa linda meditação para abençoar a terra com bondade amorosa. As bênçãos retornam para nós, multiplicadas! É dando que se recebe. Esta é a Lei Universal. * Não e necessário saber meditar *
Instructor Leia Graham
For information on Leia’s meditation classes, please visit her Instagram or Facebook pages:

Evening Full Moon Meditation
Instructor Fara Curlewis
For information on Fara’s meditation evenings, please contact Fara directly via the Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre website.
Twin Hearts Meditation
Instructor Tracey Dutton
For information on Tracey’s meditation classes, please contact Tracey directly via the Prana Grove Meditation & Wellness Centre Facebook page.

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